Market Analysis - Genetics and Molecular Biology 2021 | 54675

Zeitschrift für Zell- und Molekularbiologieforschung


Market Analysis - Genetics and Molecular Biology 2021

Alireza Heidari

Genetics and Molecular Biology warmly welcomes the researchers and developers, professionals who are studying or analyzing in the fields of Stem Cell, Genetics, Regenerative Medicine, Cell Biology, etc., and other associated organizations to participate in the event and grasp knowledge about the recent researches regarding stem cell and regenerative medicine and their analysis. This conference will consist of the keynote talks, session talks, oral presentations, poster presentations, B2B networking etc. The aim of this global conference is to promote the recent advances in Genetics with its applications as well as the cell and gene therapy which stands as the new therapeutic approaches. The conference will also support and motivate the young researches in the field of Genetics Research to meet the new advancements. We sincerely hope that would serve as an international platform, creating new opportunities in the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research. The Theme of the Conference is Innovative trends in Molecular biology