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Clients’ Satisfaction Level toward Health Care Service in Selected Addis Ababa Hospitals, Ethiopia, 2016

Fikirte Woldeselassie, Adanech Haile, Belachew Aymiro, Semere Gebremariam, Roza Teshome Kassa and Girum Sebsibe Teshome

Background: Client satisfaction is the level of congruence between client’s expectations and experience of ideal care and his /her perceptions the service received. It reflects the gap between the expected service and the experience of the service, from the client’s point of view. Measurement of patient satisfaction plays an important role in the growing push toward accountability among health care providers.

Objective: The aim of this study was to assess Clients’ satisfaction toward health care service in selected Addis Hospitals. Methods: A cross sectional study design was conducted in Addis Ababa Hospitals from June, 2016 to July, 2016. Six governmental hospitals under Addis Ababa Health bureau were included. A total of 275 clients were recruited. Proportional numbers of study subjects were allocated based on the patient flow of the previous month in each health institution Structured questionnaire was used.

Results: Among 275 clients 185 (67.3%) of them strongly agree that nurses treat with courtesy and respect whereas 202 (73.5%) strongly agree that doctors/HO treat with courtesy and respect. Most clients responded that staffs didn’t discuss with clients what sign to look after discharge from the health facility 177 (64.4%). Among six hospitals, Minilik II Hospitals had higher clients who were satisfied for overall health care services 31 (67.4%).

Conclusion: Based on the findings of this descriptive cross sectional study, half of the clients (53%) were satisfied for overall health care services. Clients participated in Yekatit 12 Hospital, few of them were satisfied for overall services of the facility 11 (22.4%) whereas clients in Minilik II Hospital, most of them were satisfied for the services 31 (67.4%). Clients who were satisfied for overall health services in Gandi Hospital were 33 (64.7%).