An Emerging Platform for the Treatment of Stomach Cancer: No | 93567

Internationale Zeitschrift für innovative Forschung in Wissenschaft, Technik und Technologie


An Emerging Platform for the Treatment of Stomach Cancer: Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Hazel Scarlett

Given that it claims the lives of so many people every year, cancer has long been considered one of the most lethal diseases in the world. The frequency of fatal cases of stomach cancer has recently increased significantly. Given its low overall survival rate and continued ranking as one of the most lethal cancer types, it urgently needs treatment. Possibly one of the most challenging aspects of the battle against stomach cancer is early identification and adequate therapy. In this article, we concentrated on curative strategies for the treatment of stomach cancer and covered in great detail the most recent developments and improvements of systems based on nanotechnology for contemporary medication delivery and treatments. Aiming to increase cellular uptake, pharmacokinetics, and anticancer drug efficacy, recent therapeutic strategies in nanotechnology-based drug delivery enable more precise targeting of particular agents for efficient stomach cancer treatment. The current review also includes information on ongoing studies intended to increase the therapeutic potency of current anti-stomach cancer drugs. Readers trying to create multifunctional nano-constructs for better diagnosis and treatment of stomach cancer will find all these important topics covered less than one general heading to be of the utmost value.